Video Surveillance

New Technologies and their applications in day to day life of mankind, not only making the life more comfortable and enhancing the productivity, but, also posing security and safety challenges. In present advanced society, it has become immense importance to closely watch our surroundings and to keep ourselves more informed and secured.

View360 has customized solution "viView360" which is an enhanced version of "reView360" with capabilities of Video surveillance of any given area or location from a remote central location using advanced Micro controller and GSM Technology. Simply, "viView360" extends your "Eyes" so as you to see what is happening at a remote location of your interest.

"viView360" solution is easily deployable at any remote location and just need to have GSM network as it uses this technology for communicating and uploading of photos or videos to a remote server in near real time. As this solution comes up with a simple and small hardware with rugged metal casing, it can be deployed in a concealed or compact space where room ambient environment is enough for its operation. Therefore, "viView360" becomes a first choice for applications like surveillance of ATM locations, Traffic islands, Security check posts, Public Transport vehicles and large commercial complexes etc.

"viView360" can be connected to many models of cameras available in the market using RS232 or USB ports and can work on various power sources like DC and AC supplies. As soon as it is powered ON, this will establish a communication channel with its Server at central location and starts capturing videos or photos at continuous and programmable intervals making life easier as there are no on site configurations involved.

"viView360" solution provides web based interface from where the captured videos or photos can be passed on to any customer application that processes and analyzes the videos or photos captured. As all this happens at almost in real time or near real time, "viView360" enables Security agencies to act almost instantly. Also, as this solution comes up with an in-built memory, even in any complete failure situations, it can hold logs and videos just before the incident.

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