Telecom Tower Monitoring

The services of Telecommunication Network Service Provider are widely dependent on their BTS Tower installations and other associated infrastructure in these locations called BTS sites. As the BTS sites are spread across geography and penetrated deeply in to rural areas, the challenges in up-keeping the BTS sites and maintenance of associated infrastructure have grown taller.

The key challenges are ensuring up and running of BTS infrastructure and at the same time reducing of their maintenance costs. View360 team has conducted intensive study on Telecom Tower operations and using their expertise came up with an integrated solution "telView360".

"telView360" consists 3 level of intelligence – continuous event monitoring, processing and controlling of event generated data, communicating with a remote server. These 3 levels of intelligences are effectively utilized by a smart application of hardware, software and firmware logics so as to enable the Telecom Service Provider to automate the controlling functions with a human intervention whenever required to ensure up and running of BTS infrastructure and optimize the electric power utilization so as to keep operating costs of BTS site under control.

In fact, "telView360" solution is a combination of "inView360" and "enView360" solutions with a more sophisticated event monitoring logic and controlling functions. This integrated solution presents various hierarchical reports and analysis on a web interface and also triggers SMS alerts to O&M personnel. This solution can also be integrated with an IVRS so that voice alerts can be sent to the operations staff.

"telView360" can control and ensure right shelter environment that is required for electronics equipped in the shelter and selects optimally Battery Power and DG Power so as to ensure energy costs are at optimum level. This will also has unique feature of monitoring Battery Power voltage levels and shelter temperature in near real time basis and thereby DG switching ON/OFF can be controlled.

"telView360" is designed to "Listen" continuously what is happening in a remote BTS site and provides various reports and analysis to O&M personnel through a web interface.

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