Remote Monitoring & Home/Office Automation

View360 has customizing solution "reView360" for remote monitoring of Electrical and Electronic installations. This solution works like an interface between any central system that required to be connected to number of remote devices at a far end location and enables communication between the central system and remotely located devices.

"reView360" simply a remote interface device equipped with a advanced Micro controller and a GSM communication device. This solution establishes a GSM channel between central location and remote location using Telecom Service Providers Network and also enables various active and passive device interfaces.

"reView360" solution is easily deployable for any Home or Office automation requirements as all required hardware and software is built-in and can be customized based on the actual requirements of the customer. In Home automation applications, "reView360" can be deployed to monitor and control house hold appliances like Air-Conditioners, Geysers, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Room Heaters, Microwave Ovens and Video surveillance devices etc.

"reView360" solution is also deployable for security applications where remote monitoring of assets/equipment is required. In fact, it can "Smell" any event happening at a remote location in near real time and presents the details of event on a web interface so that Security agency can act on the event.

"reView360" along with our other solution "viView360" can become a powerful security application as both together provide remote monitoring as well as video surveillance in near real time.

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