Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Maintenance and its efficient operations are the main levers to many businesses success. This is true because in most of the business sectors huge investment as Capex will go for creating right and suitable infrastructure and management focus will be on leveraging same to the fullest potential possible. Therefore, up-keeping or maintenance of same assumes highest importance.

View360 provides "inView360" solution for Electrical Infrastructure operations and maintenance by enabling O&M personnel to have continuous event logging, to alert filed operations team and to control the infrastructure elements remotely.

"inView360" is a unique integrated product that comes up with capabilities like continuous monitoring of various infrastructure elements like Air-conditioners, UPSs, Diesel Generators, Solar Power Panels, Battery Installations, Fire and Smoke sensors, Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPSs) etc.,

"inView360" logs all events generated by these Electrical infrastructure elements and alerts O&M personnel based on criteria of the event/alarm so as to enable them to initiate corrective action. This solution provides various web interfaced reports and analysis to O&M personnel to be in "Touch" with their each and every element for effective operations.

"inView360" is designed using intelligent event processing board, advanced micro controller for processing the generated alarms/events data and controlling the elements like "On/Off" etc., It also comes up with a powerful GSM communication device to upload and download the event logs and other control instructions from O&M personnel.

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