Energy Optimization

Energy Management, especially, optimization of power consumption by efficient monitoring is one of the key challenge in the sectors like Telecom, Warehousing & Storage and Food processing etc., which rely on uninterrupted power supply be it Grid power or Diesel Generator supply. The optimization of non grid power supply utilization will enable reduction of energy spending and thereby improving the margins of profit.

View360 provides "enView360" solution for continuous tracking of Grid supply and its healthiness and optimum selection of other non-conventional energy sources like Diesel Generators or Solar power or Battery sources so as to maximize the usage of Grid power. This will enable the infrastructure provider to optimize the energy spend based on maximizing the usage of lesser unit cost sources as far as possible with out any interruption to services provided to the end customers.

"enView360" is a unique integrated product that comes up with capabilities like continuous monitoring of various power sources, each phase healthiness, automatic selection of healthy and low cost power source.

"enView360" has capability to sense various alarms of power sources, processes the data and maintains log records for any analysis and thereby allows to regularly fine tune the selection of power source and also communicates to the remote server using GSM Technology.

"enView360" is designed using intelligent surveillance and alarms processing board, advanced micro controller for processing the data and controlling and finally a powerful GSM communication device enabling the customers to "Taste" the benefits of near real time monitoring and decision making

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