EMF Compliance Services

EMF compliance is a most important regulatory compliance requirement for all Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) since 2008. Department of Telecommunications wide its Lr. No. 800-15/2010-VAS dated 08.04.2010 issued detailed instructions for complying to ICNIRP (International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection) guidelines on EMF compliance and Measurement of Electromagnetic Radiations from BTS (Base Transceiver Stations). Further to it Dot and TEC have issued test procedures in September 2009 vide GR No. TEC/TP/EMF/001/01.SEP2009 and later amended with revised norms vide GR No. TEC/TP/EMF/001/02.SEP.2012 issued in October 2012. Since then, DoT through its TERM (Telecom Enforcement and Regulatory Monitoring) cell is ensuring that all TSPs are complying with the issued norms and all BTS sites are adhering to the radiation limits as specified by TEC. The TERM cell ensures the compliance to EMF procedures by two approaches, firstly by Self certification by respective TSPs using any of the prescribed methods for assessing EMF compliance and secondly, by auditing the BTS sites through actual field measurement of EMF radiation levels as prescribed in TEC guidelines.

View360 provides with a team of experts in this field offers various services to TSPs in ensuring EMF compliance as per the TEC/TERM guidelines. –v- undertakes complete end to end services like:

Field Surveys:

  • Field surveys of site details, structures with in compliance zone, site capacity in terms of RF carriers, antennas distribution and sharing operators details (applicable to infrastructure sharing site).
  • Preparation of site layout, panoramic photos, Signage Boards, photos of antennas, lat-long measurements etc., as required for compliance.
  • EMF Self compliance report along with supporting documents.

Web based EMF Compliance Services:

  • High end Server with web based application running will provide EMF calculations and Self compliance report. The TSP should just upload the site details, compliance zone structures details and all relevant photographs in a –v- prescribed format and sequence to get the fully ready EMF self compliance reports. The reports can be downloaded either in MS-Excel or Adobe PDF formats.
  • 24x7 web based EMF database maintenance application Services for regular update as TSP Network will keep changing either due to own network changes or due to others or due to both or even due to compliance zone structural changes.

EMF compliance Field Measurement Services:

  • Field measurements using TEC approved or TSP accepted EMF measurement meters like NARDA, Agilent etc.,
  • Both Broadband and Selective Measurement services and provides reports in TEC/TERM prescribed annexure.
  • View360 has automated report generation which ensures EMF compliance Test report as soon as Measurement is completed and can be downloadable from –v- web based application for EMF Field Measurements.
  • View360 also has expertise to suggest corrective actions or can undertake optimization services in case any BTS site does not comply to the guidelines even in Selective measurement.
  • Compilation of EMF self certification report along with all documentation as required or as suggested by TSP.

EMF compliance Field Survey Application:

  • View360 also developing fully automated application using any Smart phone or Phablet or Laptop having EDGE/3G connectivity. This application is still under testing and will be available by June 2014.
  • The field survey application will have 24x7 support to site surveyors and has capability to instant upload of site survey data and/or stores the same and uploads the data as and when desired by the surveyor.
  • The application restricts the surveyor to follow prescribed format and sequence in survey, layout preparation and panoramic photographs etc.
  • The client application is in continuous touch with the application sitting on Server and acceptance of data format and accuracy will be confirmed then and there so that no repeat site visit is required to surveyor.
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